The Latest Print!       “Daycare Parade”

daycare-paradeInterested Galleries, Art Consultants and Designers should contact the artist for pricing either online at or by telephone at 651-644-4144.


(Pronounced “G-clay”) A giclée print is a product of inkjet technology. The process is comparable to the average desktop printer. Ink nozzles spray tiny dots of color (pixels) onto paper or canvas, as compared with lithography which employs the pressing of tiny dots of color from a plate.

Traditionally, prints utilized four colors: magenta, cyan, yellow and black. Today, many giclée printers utilize six, seven, eight and even twelve colors. The increase in color achieves two things: a wider color gamut and smoother tonal transitions. This combined with ever increasing fineness of the dot size has achieved true continuous tone, even as viewed under magnification!

Another amazing accomplishment of printing is the increase in print longevity. Until recently, the inks used by either inkjet or lithographic applications were dye based. That meant a very fast fade rate, some as short as five years. To solve that problem pigment based inks were developed and are now widely used in giclee production. Today, the Wilhelm Institute, a national ink and color testing center, has rated some of the newer pigmented inks as being fade resistant for as long as 150 years!

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