Dan is an MFA graduate from the University of Minnesota and has taught for several universities and institutions including: The University of MInnesota, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, The Lulea Tekniska Universitet, Skelleftea, Sweden, The Minneapolis Institute of Art, The Minnetonka Center for the Arts, The Edina Art Center, The White Bear Lake Center for the Arts and the Minnesota Museum of American Art.

His experience and knowledge of painting spans nearly forty years and covers a wide range of styles from ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM, (acquired from Herman Somberg, protégé and colleague of Franz Kline and Willem deKooning), to ATELIER-LEVEL REALISM (through mentors such as Brian Stewart of the original Atelier School in Minneapolis and original founding member of the influential group Plein Air Painters of America. One of Dan’s latest passions is competitive plein air painting and last year placed second in the Grand Marais Plein Air Festival. He is also a member of Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society and Pastel Society of America.

(Beyond his training, Dan has had a successful career of his own as a painter and sculptor that spans nearly three decades. His work can be found in over 60 public collections throughout the country. Career highlights include projects with Disney, Animal Planet Television and Prince. Of particular note was his work as lead sculptor and character designer for the Daytons/Marshall Fields/Macy’s Holiday Show that drew 300,000 to 600,000 visitors annually.)



“Years after receiving my MFA degree an opportunity arose to teach my first painting class privately. The experience was such a success that I’ve continued doing so ever since.”

“Why was it so successful? As an instructor, convenience is everything. Having ALL of my tools, supplies, books, paintings and drawings within reach means there are no limitations on providing lessons and demonstrations SPONTANEOUSLY as the need arises. No institution I have ever taught at is as well equipped as is my own studio.”

“It’s also great for students. They get the opportunity to try out my brushes, my paint, my supplies and canvases before making purchases, refer to any of the more than 500 art reference books that I‘ve collected over past thirty years. Perhaps most intangible, is seeing my own work, both in progress and as finished paintings. There’s an immediacy and directness to studying in a private studio that is hard to replicate in a generic classroom.”

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