ALL LEVELS. The group is conducted as a mentoring program where members are guided individually according to their own level of development. Central to a mentorship is the personal journey each individual takes to find and cultivate an artistic voice. Good mentors do not impose their own aesthetic preferences. Good mentors discover the artist within each student and chart paths that will lead to their own unique vocabulary. All styles are embraced.

Members of differing levels and are welcome; from those seeking fundamentals such as painting and sketching techniques to those who’ve reached some degree of success and are looking for feedback and greater focus. Many resources are available at the studio including a 600+ book art library and a large collection of art materials to experiment with and, not the least of which, Dan’s own experience as a 30+ year professional artist, researcher and academic.(Dan’s complete bio can be found HERE)

Fall Sessions:
Wednesdays 12:00 pm-3:00 pm, Mar 20- May 08, $450


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